What Type of Processed Foods can be Included in Your Diet?

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There are some processed foods that you can include in your daily diet. Here we present you. Normally, they recommend that to maintain a healthy diet it is necessary to consume fresh and natural foods such as fruits and vegetables.

“However, there are other products that we can include in our diet without damaging the organism”.

We talk about processed foods. The term processed foods refers to those that have been subjected to some type of industrial processing.  There, chemical or artificial components are added before the individual consumes them. Here are included products that are packaged, canned and plasticized in supermarkets. Despite the fact that this type of food is prepared easily, a moderate consumption of these is recommended, since the changes to which they are subjected industrially tend to decrease their nutritional composition (minerals, vitamins, fibers, among others).

In that sense, ultra processes should be avoided in excess. They are those that have gone through different stages of processing and that require many additives to conserve. Maybe even its own components are artificial. However, there is a select group among such processed foods that still fall within the range of healthy and can be included within a balanced diet.

Healthy Processed Foods:

Integral Products

Consuming breads or pastas that contain a large amount of grains and wholemeal flour contribute to a healthy diet. Its main composition is based on vitamins, minerals and fibers, which help the body, maintain a low glycemic index. Similarly, they improve constipation, lower cholesterol and produce a feeling of fullness. The World Health Organization (WHO), for its part, recommends the consumption of wholemeal bread because 100 grams of it only represent 243 calories, while 100 grams of normal white bread is equal to 290 calories.

Frozen Fruits, Vegetables and Vegetables

It is preferable to consume fruits, vegetables and fresh vegetables, whenever possible. However, if we are in a supermarket we can choose to buy those that are packaged and frozen. The reason? This method is normally used to keep the product for a long time. Now, they are not subjected to any chemical process that can alter their composition.


This product, which originally comes from the cow, has to be pasteurized and processed to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. However, this industrial process does not completely eliminate its protein, calcium and vitamin properties. Now, the case is totally different as far as sugar and non-fat milk are concerned. Some specialists recommend avoiding them. In that sense, Aitor Sanchez, nutritionist and author of the book My diet no longer come, believes that “it is not scientifically justified that we should prioritize the skim with respect to the whole. That is a myth. Actually, skim milk products are less satisfying and hunger comes back sooner. “

Another type of milk recommended is coconut or almonds, in which packaging process does not alter the nutritional composition of their natural product.


The consumption of yogurt brings various benefits to our body, although it is a processed product that comes from the fermentation of milk. Among them they find the stabilization of the intestinal flora favors the assimilation of nutrients and contains calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and other minerals. However, to make sure that the yogurt we are going to consume is the healthiest we must verify that among its ingredients is only milk and fermented dairy products. It is recommended the intake of yoghurts that do not contain sweeteners or sweetened. One of the most natural is Greek.


Another product derived from dairy products that are obtained through an industrial process. There, the milk is fermented, curdled and preserved in salt. Because of its nutritional composition, cheese is a source of protein, calcium and potassium for our body. However, specialists recommend consuming less than 120 grams a day, due to the large amount of fat and carbohydrates it contains.


Among healthy fats, the first recommended is extra virgin olive oil. This is because it does not have any type of additive, since it is obtained directly from the extraction of the olive. The consumption of this type of oil helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and regulates the digestive process.


It is also recommended to consume pure chocolate, with less sugar and 85% cocoa. This product can provide multiple benefits to our body such as reducing blood pressure and a nutritional contribution of potassium, calcium and magnesium.

As we saw, you have many healthy options of processed foods to include in your diet. Remember to supplement it with exercise. If in doubt, consult a specialist.


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