What will be the Perfect Diet to lose Weight Quickly?

Weight loss

If our goal is to lose weight quickly and not recover it we must adopt a balanced diet and maintain it, not only use it as a means to lose weight, but as an end to have a healthy life. Through this diet you can lose weight quickly, around half a kilo per week. At that rate, you can lose weight around 2 kilos per month without having to follow a “miracle diet” that does not take into account the possibility of regaining weight quickly after changing food. And most importantly, it is a diet to lose weight at a fast but healthy rate. It is not a strict diet that limits your intake or certain food groups, but a method to change your diet and help your body get the nutrients it needs.

Foods Included in the Diet to Lose Weight Quickly

The main idea is to reduce the consumption of calories from sugars and fats, with what is called a hypocaloric diet. We will explain what foods can be taken to lose weight quickly.

Dairy Products

First of all, we will have the dairy products. The most advisable is that these are skimmed, to reduce the consumption of fats. We can incorporate skimmed milk or yogurt and fresh cheese into the diet. In the case of drinking vegetable drinks, such as soy milk, almonds or rice, it is best to choose those enriched with calcium.

Fruits and Vegetables

On the other hand, we have the vegetables. These foods are recommended for any diet, so it will be important to include them in all meals as a side dish and at dinners as the main ingredient. Some of the many vegetables we can count on are lettuce, tomato, cucumber, vegetables such as carrots or zucchini, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage, or mushrooms. Fruits are also among the most recommended elements in any diet. The ideal is to take two or three pieces of fruit a day, which we can include at breakfast, lunch and dinner. And they are a magnificent aperitif, the perfect option to calm hunger between hours. Next, we have cereals and legumes. This type of food provides a lot of energy. Therefore, we will add to the diet a measure of a fist of any type of cereal or vegetable. In the case of pasta, it is advisable to choose the integral type to avoid highly refined products.

Proteins and Fats

We must also take into account foods that provide protein, such as eggs, meat or fish. In the case of eggs, we can take between three and four a week. The meat must be white in most cases, limiting the consumption of red meat to twice a week. Regarding fish, it is best to increase your consumption to reduce the meat, with a minimum of four or five times per week, between blue fish and white fish. Finally, oils and fats should be reduced by two or three tablespoons per day. We can use this amount of oil to cook or to dress the meals. Precisely, it will be in these reductions of fats and meats where the key will be to,

“Limit the intake of calories and achieve results with this diet to lose weight quickly”.

Combination of Foods in the Diet to Lose Weight

To facilitate the distribution of food throughout the day, it is best to follow a scheme that facilitates the organization of meals. In this way, we can be sure to take the necessary amounts of each food and maintain a balanced diet.


To start the day we will have a dairy, such as a coffee with skim milk, and some cereal. We can resort to two toasts with turkey, which provide us with both energy and protein in our breakfast. Later, at mid-morning, the ideal is to have a snack based on fruit, such as two kiwis, a banana or an orange. In this way, we can mitigate hunger until mealtime.


At lunchtime, we will take a starter with vegetables, cereals and legumes, such as zucchini cream or baked potatoes. For the second dish we will prepare some protein food, trying to limit fats, such as chicken or grilled salmon. Finally, the dessert will be a dairy like a skimmed yogurt.


At mid-afternoon we can have a snack based on fruit, as with the mid-morning snack. In this way, we can meet the amount of daily fruit, taking a banana or an apple.


We will follow the same structure as for the food, only with less quantity. We will prepare vegetables in a green salad or grilled mushrooms and a protein food, such as sole, hake or an omelette. Finally, we can take another dairy, such as a glass of warm milk or a skimmed yogurt.

This is a diet that will allow you to lose weight quickly, but remember that you must accompany it with proper hydration. Also, it is important that you do some exercise every day.

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