What are the 7 Exercises that Helps to Lose Weight?

Weight loss

Beyond choosing one exercise or another, the important thing when it comes to losing weight is to be constant and, above all, to combine them with a balanced diet. Surely you think that the best sport to lose weight is running. While it has many qualities and helps to lose weight … it is not the only one. There are other types of exercises that can be even more beneficial in your desire to have a slender body in a short time. In the following article we will tell you which are the most effective routines to eliminate the extra kilos. Do not miss it!

The Goodness of Running

We will start talking about the most fashionable exercise these days. It’s simple and you do not need more than good shoes. You can practice it in a park and not spend a single cent.

“One minute of running at 8 km / hour burns 8 calories”.

The faster we go the more fat we eliminate. The account is simple. However, many people are not very fond of going for a run, although they know it is good for their health. And the latest studies claim that while it is a very good discipline there are others that “win the game.” According to Harold Gibbons, director of the National Strength and Conditioning Association of New York, “more calories are burned in high-intensity weight training than running.” Actually, the difference in how much you lose weight has to do with the effort that is made, the muscle mass, weight and height. And, of course, the age of each athlete. The most suitable exercise to lose fat is aerobic. Most people think that it should be long-lasting and low intensity, but there are other options.

Which Exercises or Sports Activities are More Effective to Lose Weight?

We already know that running is a good exercise if we want to lose weight. Now, we can build a list or ranking with the most recommended according to coaches and doctors:

Russian Weights

It is a ball with a handle that allows working quadriceps and thighs. In addition, they bring vitality and energy to the heart. You can burn up to 20 calories per minute and increase heart rate by up to 93%. A maximum of 20 minutes per day can be done. Rolling with the kettlebells (which come in different sizes) is quite hard, because we are not used to this movement. Undoubtedly, this is one of the ideal exercises to stimulate belly fat, tone your arms and give strength to your legs. Also called kettelbell, these balls allow you to lose up to 300 calories per half-hour routine. In fact, there are many routines with this type of weights that are very useful. Well, they include dynamic exercises where calorie consumption is stimulated.


An adult with 84 kg can burn about 400 calories every half hour if you row vigorously. This means 12.5 calories per minute (approximately). They work mainly on the muscles of the arms, back and legs, although it is a general and complete training. In general, it helps to tone and obtain a thinning effect. In turn, this exercise is perfect for cardiovascular endurance. Strengthens the quadriceps and lats It is excellent for weight loss and to help develop both flexibility and strength. It is not necessary to have a kayak for rowing, since in many gyms there is a device that emulates the exercise.


This exercise is pretty hard and tired, but it’s worth it. Allows you to burn almost 2 calories per repetition. If you make 7 in a minute you lose 10 calories. The ideal would be to reach 10 every 60 seconds (14 calories less). It also serves to accelerate metabolism. It is recommended to make burpees with simple progressions, since it is a somewhat complex technique. Work several muscles at the same time and burn enough calories. To have greater effects, it is recommended to do them within a circuit or sequence of exercises. In a training of 1 hour they are advised to do 15.

Jump Rope

A moderate intensity allows doing about 100 to 120 jumps per minute. That burns 13 calories. The good thing about jumping is that more muscle groups work than when running. In addition, it helps improve coordination, balance and skills with dolls. Not only does it have muscle benefits, it also reduces the risks of heart disease, osteoporosis, depression, anxiety and high blood pressure. And you only need a rope to perform this exercise!

Riding a Bicycle

While any bike ride can help, better if it is mountain. In one hour of pedaling you can burn 1500 calories (25 per minute). Also the experts indicate that it is not necessary to go to live in a valley to be able to enjoy the benefits of this exercise. The bicycle can strengthen and tone the muscles of the legs, as well as improve breathing and heartbeat.


It is one of the fashion disciplines and has its origins in the United States military training. A single class can burn many calories and also has the characteristic that each one sets its own rhythm. It consists of a routine with a series of exercises with some supplements. It is necessary that the activity be supervised by an expert and go from low to high, since the intensity is quite high. Doing crossfit (also known as functional training) 2 to 3 times a week improves strength and endurance.


It is an exercise known to all, but there is no one who still does not know its advantages. It allows you to burn an aVerage of 13 calories per minute, but to give results you must exercise half an hour. At that time you can do 8 sets of 20 repetitions each with a break between aVerages of 45 seconds. Tones and thins the legs, strengthens the buttocks and helps improve the posture of the back. If you add weights, also mark the arms. In short, toning and visually can give a thinning effect, or a more stylized look.

Remember that in order for any of these exercises to fulfill the desired effect; it must be combined with the most important factor: a balanced diet. Likewise, the key is constancy. Go ahead and try!

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