What are the 5 Best Infusions that Results in Weight Loss?

Weight loss

If you want to get rid of body fat opt ​​for cinnamon and tea, red or green. The horsetail and the rooibos eliminate liquids and, therefore, lose weight, but do not decrease the fatty tissue. Teas have many properties that can help us lose weight quickly, as long as we also follow a proper diet. These infusions to lose weight have recognized “fat-burning”, diuretic or anxiolytic effects and, therefore, are good allies at the time of losing kilos. The ideal is to take infusions two or three times a day. In winter they feel very hot, but not so much in summer. In this season of the year we can take them cold. Your benefits will be exactly the same. The infusions that we will talk about below help you lose weight. Taking them after each meal will allow for better digestion. Yes, for us to see its slimming effects it is necessary to take a proper and balanced diet.

Infusions to Lose Weight

Let’s get to know some of those teas that are allies when it comes to losing weight. We recommend that you try them all so you can choose those that you like the most. Ideally, you consume them without sugar, so they are healthier. However, you can add honey or another type of sweetener if its natural flavor does not please you at all. We do not recommend abusing them.

1. Slimming Red Tea (Pu Erh)

Red tea, like others, is a thousand-year-old infusion, as pointed out in this article, of oriental origin that is recently known in the West for its “fat-burning” properties. In addition to being slimming, it helps to detoxify the body with its antioxidant power, strengthens the immune system and lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. It is said that taking three or four cups of red tea a day,

“People with significant overweight can lose up to 9 kilos”.

Those who are moderately overweight could lose 6 kilos and those who are slightly overweight, up to 3 kilos.

2. Cinnamon Infusion

Some studies have shown that cinnamon can reduce blood sugar levels and decrease the body’s resistance to insulin. In addition, cinnamon accelerates metabolism and reduces appetite. Therefore, the infusion of cinnamon can help combat overweight and obesity. If you prefer, you can also add a teaspoon of cinnamon to the skimmed yogurt for breakfast or snack, as a way to integrate cinnamon into your daily meals, instead of taking it as an infusion.

3. Green Tea to Lose Weight

Although green tea is well known for being a powerful antioxidant, it is also true that it is one of the infusions to lose weight that you can drink at any time. Drinking two cups of green tea daily helps reduce the waist improve the relationship between waist and hip measurements and decrease the body mass index, reducing the amount of body fat. This effect could be due to the catechins and theine present in green tea, which would accelerate the metabolism and help to lose weight, as long as the person eats properly and performs regularly.

4. Horsetail Tea and Rooibos Tea

The studies carried out on these teas show that this infusion has a certain diuretic power; therefore, they can serve to avoid the retention of liquids. If you eliminate liquids, you will lose weight and it is possible that some of your measures will be reduced, but you should bear in mind that the amount of fatty tissue in your body will not be decreasing.

5. Other Infusions to Lose Weight

There are many other infusions to lose weight that will help you though indirectly. For example, many people eat too much when they have anxiety. Linden tea and valerian tea calm anxiety; that’s why they can help you lose weight. Remember that anxiety often encourages us to eat even if we are not hungry. On the other hand, the infusion of fucus helps to keep the feeling of fullness in the stomach longer. In this way, you eat less and lose weight more quickly.

So you know, there are infusions to lose weight, excellent allies to lose weight that you can start using them whenever you want. Anyway, remember to take these teas in moderation and consult the doctor if you have any serious condition, before starting to consume them.

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