What are the 3 Psychological Challenges to Face when Losing Weight?

Weight loss

It is very important that we are aware of the shape of our body and that we seek the ideal weight according to our characteristics and not guided by impossible ideals. Lose weight. Some people mark a goal for the summer in order to look better bikini. Other people, on the other hand, need to lose weight no longer for aesthetic reasons, but for health, and we know it, it is not always easy… We seek the most appropriate diet, that where the vitamin and nutrients are respected. In addition, we strive to eliminate everything that we like so much: sweets, soft drinks, high fat food, etc., and we force ourselves to do some exercise every day. In addition, many people must sometimes face poor family support. Likewise, we are in a society that praises an ideal of beauty, but does not value what it costs to achieve it.

For that reason, today we will talk about the psychological problems that we must face when losing weight.

1. The Lack of Support from Family and Friends

“Today I start my diet of weight loss”, we usually say. That is when our partners, our parents or friends raise their eyebrows in a gesture of skepticism. Maybe they have heard you say it on numerous occasions and they have not even noticed those kilos that you have managed to lose or how your figure has improved. It is also common that we must face little respect for our diet. While the others have a hamburger, you have that healthy salad. This can cause some mockery or some misplaced comment.

However, how can we face all this?

  • If you are clear about your goal, go for it. It is you who wants to lose weight, not others. Therefore, it establishes a protective barrier against which the comments of the rest do not affect you.
  • Apply your diet day by day with optimism. If others see you well, they will respect you. On the other hand, if they perceive your doubts or your suffering, the most probable thing is that they end up commenting on that “Do you see how you cannot stand?”, “If you do not have will power …”. Before expressions like these, stand firm. Be clear and objective: you want to lose weight and you will do it with the greatest possible motivation and phrases like these, far from helping, they hurt. And as such you must say it.

2. Why Lose Weight “If you’ve Always been Chubby …”

Many people have a few extra kilos for genetic reasons. This is also a complicated aspect that we must face. Sometimes the family gets used to seeing us like this, they normalize it and they do not realize that obesity is a serious health problem. If we “normalize” those extra kilos at the family level, the meals will continue to be inadequate. In addition, we will maintain life habits that we have seen at home because they seem normal. And all this will make us fall into a dangerous vicious circle. Thus, the day we decided to finally put on a diet to lose weight we find ourselves with the strangeness of our relatives. They may say things like: “Why, if we have always been like this?”

  • We have to be careful. Never let yourself be influenced by the people around you when you mark a purpose, and less, if that goal has to do with your health.

3. Do not let Yourself be Carried Away by False Ideals of Beauty

When it comes to losing weight, many women have in mind those slender bodies they see in magazines or on television. We must be aware that, behind them, a whole world of falsehood is sometimes hidden, from aesthetic operations to retouching images through Photoshop. In addition, you should take into account:

  • Your body is unique and you must learn to love yourself as you are. This does not mean that you should sit idly by in case you suffer overweight.

“The ideal is to get some measures and a weight that allow you to live healthily and with balance”.

One Last Tip

While we are following a diet of weight loss it is vital that we do so with optimism. We must trust in ourselves to reduce those extra kilos. However, we must be aware of other factors. There are people who, while dieting, feel more negative, are on the defensive and live the process with great suffering. We must be careful with these psychological factors. We all remember to take care of our diet, but it is important to also monitor our emotions. Therefore, never look to lose weight by aspiring to have a perfect body. Do not get obsessed with looking for “that ideal of beauty”. There are genetic factors that we cannot avoid. If you are short, if you have wide hips or a large constitution, we cannot change it no matter how hard we try. It is imperative that we assume the shape of our body. Thus, within that, we should always look for the ideal weight to enjoy good health. If you have an adequate weight and do not have any health problems, enjoy yourself and your beauty. There is no greater attraction than a happy woman, smiling and full of optimism.

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